The Reign of Donaldo


Outside the chapel, we saw a Tiefling man at the gate of a small town. With no gold or provisions to speak of, we approached him. After some rather strange conversation, he agreed to let us into the town, which he called Tieffen. It was a strange place, full of Tiefflings but patrolled and seemingly run by humans. Kikkoman, our resident Tiefling, was understandingly unnerved. We learned of a human guard, Christopher, who was taken during the night by some kind of creature. We tried unsuccessfully to ascertain how this happened, unable to get any reliable information from the guard Nicholas or the grave keeper, Feara. She was particularly unpleasant, ugly to the sight with a wretched voice. She spoke up of hope opening in the earth, near the grave markers of two deceased twins named Hope and Liberty. We saw some damage around the off-kilter tombstone, but Fiera seemed very against the idea of excavating the grave site to investigate further. She directed us to Garok, the food processing manager, who might have more information.

After waiting in line for what seemed like hours, we finally spoke with Garok. From him, we learned the nature of this place. Tieffen is indeed a sort of “prison camp” run by humans. The Tieflings are forced to do labor, building a new castle for Hoolian, the ruler of the realm. All of this seemed very strange, but we expressed our desire to help Garok and the Tiefling cause. Understandably dubious, he agreed to let us in the inner circle if we found an ancient Tieffling artifact hidden somewhere under the city. Unintimidated by this challenge, we descended into the excavation site for this new castle.

Once inside the main chamber, we saw several enemies. We defeated two disgusting rats, imbued with some type of plague that caused them to explode upon death with a wretched stench and foul acidic discharge. There were also several spitting bats, which we defeated with ease. Upon vanquishing these less than hospitable inhabitants, we examined the room to see three corridors. We entered the leftmost corridor, to see a large room with a chest by the far wall. In order to avoid the suspicious raised panels on the floor, Rhogar tossed Merric across the room onto the chest. This, surprisingly, worked without triggering any traps. Unfortunately, Merric failed at opening the chest and triggered one of the pressure activated panels, sending the chest and area around it down into a lower level room.

We scrambled to help Merric, and managed to get him back up to our level without alerting the two skeletons that he saw in the chamber. We then all descended using the rope, and combatted the skeletons. We thought we had them defeated, but alas, they reformed just after we sent their bones clattering to the ground.


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