The Reign of Donaldo


Well, we found Garok’s relic. After defeating many skeletons (one on a horse), unstable terrain, and a damn rock golem, we finally provided Garok with his prize. After giving him the item, he let us in on the details of the Tiefling Resistance and his plan to overthrow the human overlords in Tieffen. He seemed to think that we had provided him with quite a valuable piece to the puzzle. The nature of this relic is still unknown, but retrieving it involved interacting with a large glowing orb that opened the secret chamber in which it was held. It seems that this lair was at one point a place of worship or some kind of cult, as we found church pews and many robed corpses throughout the passageways.

Though we are unsure of the magic and true nature of what we saw, we have managed to strike a noteworthy camaraderie and it seems that our small party of adventurers will stay together for the time being. The only one I don’t trust is the human, Barth. He hasn’t been one to rush into combat, instead electing to hang back and “hold the rope” while we ventured into the horrors of the unknown. How very human of him. The one who calls himself Bhor is also somewhat strange, retreating back to Barth in the midst of the chaos. Maybe he was having some intestinal issues, for which I can not blame him.

Our quest now is to travel to Hoolian City in order to meet with the inner circle of the Tiefling Resistance and discover the nature of this relic.


kentseidel kentseidel

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