The Reign of Donaldo


Well here I am, I mean we are. We are on our way to…Hoo-li-an? Yeah, Hoolian city. That’s what they called it. I guess we are going to find some tiefling dude that has some significance? The world of mortals is pretty boring…i mean normal. If we find him then he will tell us something that will probably lead us somewhere else and…uhg these companions are so lame. Who care about the tieflings anyway? Its been this way for decades, why do they feel compelled to fight now? Anyway, we got a bit distracted by some creepy dude telling us to go to the circus. Yeah, the circus… and these idiots wants to go! What a waste of time, but I suppose this is all a waste of time for me. I suppose they are an acceptable means to an end. Well we get into the circus with our VIP tickets, which are really just regular tickets but in the front row, and we got to meet the two ‘performers’. Their acts were reasonably impressive, for non-magics. Then lo and behold, just like that sleazeball told us, we had to go onto the stage for the intermission murderfest. That’s what it was, a fight to the death. If only they knew how easily i could have defeated those plebeian freaks. ‘We’ decided that we should instead try and kill the leader of this ‘circus’ to free ourselves, and the performers from this terrible blight. I still don’t see a moral issue here, they get paid, and couldn’t they kill this guy themselves? Maybe Sleazy is hiding something, but i doubt it will be a problem for me. The bigger problem is not revealing my secret to these bumbling fools. I already almost slipped, foolish of me to use magic in front of the tiefling. She seems to be the more intelligent one in the group, but i can’t say the same for myself as I pretend to be skilled at archery. Archery is so primitive, what a worthless trade! Once we get out of this circus from hell, i will have my revenge…but first i need to figure out who exactly i’m supposed to be right now. Context clues are hard.


kentseidel kentseidel

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