The Reign of Donaldo


Wow, sorry it’s been so long. I was like, out of it for a while. Literally out of my body. It’s hard to explain.

Anyways, we met with Donaldo. That fat fuck. I can’t believe I was able to resist the urge to slide a couple of his golden cups or spoons into my bag, he wouldn’t have noticed. We didn’t have the illusion of choice in this encounter, as we were escorted there by a fleet of guards. Such hospitality!

Donaldo offered us a couple jobs, to further his own personal interests. First, he offered us the “opportunity” to go find and apprehend the Golden Lance, a wanted “criminal” of the realm. I have my doubts about his culpability. Anyways, we passed on this opportunity to go investigate a situation with the Dwarves down south in Kelvoria. Evidently they had been short on their fish shipments, and Donaldo wanted answers. He mentioned some kind of curse or ghost that was rumored to be behind the short shipments.

Before we headed out to visit our hairy pals down south (ha!), we did in fact meet with the leader of the Tieffling resistance in the Church of the First Men. In a hidden room behind a wall, he informed us of a gang of assassins that were out to hunt down the resistance. Spooky as it seemed, we told him that we needed to focus on the Dwarf issue so that we could get them in our good graces. Hopefully this was the right choice. I’m worried about what we’ll find when we return to see him again.

So, dwarf time. We met with the boy-king of Kelvoria, who let us know of a local rumor that sounded intriguing. He informed us of an arc, and a spirit that was guarding said arc. He said that locals believed the spirit to be disturbed, and thus causing the fish ships to crash into the rocky coast. Hmm. We also stopped by the library (forgot my card!) to do some research. We found the location of the arc, and learned of a red-robed man who had been seen in town before us. Evidently he was also seen making the same stops as us.

We found the cave, after navigating through some tight icy corridors. Immediately, we were met by a welcoming party of ice crabs and sabertooth tigers. Again, hospitality doesn’t seem to find us. There was also a dying man in a small offshoot of the cave, claiming that he had been cut down by Frostclaw. Merric would later steal this man’s rope.

Strangely enough, we would meet yet another sentient creature very soon. During our tiger fight, Merric thawed out an orc who had been frozen long ago. Somehow, he quickly recovered and helped us fend off the remaining tigers. His name was Vader? He might come from a long time ago, that name doesn’t even sound like it from this realm.

We fought and slid through the cave, until we discovered a frozen spirit in an elevated room. We melted the ice and set the spirit free, ignoring the “do not disturb” sign hastily constructed by the ice block. We used a flaming heart (yeeeaaaah) to thaw out this dude, as well as a black helmet. Seems like this heart has some kind of magical properties (duh, it’s a flaming heart!).

Then I decided it would be a good idea to slide down the ice slid in the next large chamber. To be fair, it was really fun! The end of the ride wasn’t great though, as I slid directly into a large frosty claw. Ouch time! I scurried away, injured in body but not in spirit. So, time to go kill that bitch.


kentseidel kentseidel

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