The Reign of Donaldo


After victory in the desert, we made our way to the jungles in search of The Golden Lance. We quickly enlisted the aid of a fellow adventurer, who Kikoman enthralled and ultimately sacrificed to a flock of rabid monkey. RIP Nigel Thornbury. Also RIP to the wood elves who found an untimely demise at our hands.

After barely surviving a stampede and finding some mysterious jeweled cups, we finally found the Golden Lance. Atop his mount, the Golden Lance and his strange clone soldiers fought ravenously, infected by some kind of blood disease that rendered them insane. Barth, in a moment of clarity, healed one of the soldiers and revealed that they could be cleansed with a healing spell.

The Golden Lance, relieved of his affliction, revealed that he had been in some way cursed by Donaldo, who he has sworn to dethrone. Unable to further elaborate, he said that he must go speak with Cha’r, the leader of the forest elves, to repair the damage that he caused in his sicked state.


kentseidel MyNameIsLuke

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