The Reign of Donaldo


We awoke amongst dead, nude bodies. More relaxed introductions, there have certainly been. My fellow pit dwellers, Rhogar, Kikkoman, Merric Quillfoot, Bhor, and Barth, all seemed capable and trustworthy, to an extent. Anyways, it’s not like any of us had an option other than proceeding together.

We did escape the confines of the wretched well in which we awoke, but not without a good fight. We came across several obstacles, the most difficult of which might have been a wall that I, erm, had some trouble climbing. I escaped major injury, but managed to fall directly on my new pal Bor, who tried to catch me. Sorry Bhor.

Anyways, there were disgusting rats impeding our escape, but we dispatched them with relative ease. It was at this point that we all seemed to bond, realizing that we actually work together quite well. Past the rats and other unpleasantries, we made it up into what we thought was a cathedral, or church hall. There, we had the pleasure of meeting and fighting a blood mage of unknown name, and his statue-turned-serpent. It was quite perilous, but we managed to escape with our lives. The strange creature fled at the end of our battle, turning into a pool of blood and simply flowing out of our view. It was all very strange, but we were quite eager to escape this place and simply breathe fresh air.


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