The town below looks very run down, with small shacks made out of mud and straw comprising most of the residential buildings. There is a stone-made town center and food distribution center. the tieflings here don’t get paid in currency, instead they do their jobs and are allowed food rations and any other necessities, but they have little choice over what they purchase. They are carted 10 miles every morning to the worksite which is basically an enormous cathedral/castle being built for Donaldo to live in.

Donaldo’s Royal Guards(perpually annoyed that he is stationed here instead of somewhere exciting, finds it strange that non-tieflings would come here aside from the guards. Has information about the town. Nicolas gives them a quest, if they are looking for work, to investigate the disappearance of one of their guards, Christopher, two nights ago. He suggests asking around the construction site.

Buildings:Town Hall(centralized, one big entry, stone building wood doors, where the ‘guards’ hang out)

Food Distribution(where the tieflings get their daily rations, provided for ‘free’ by the ‘guards’)

NPCs: Garok, a builder who has had it up to here with the Royal Guard and this whole situation, secretly a leader of the Tief Chiefs, a ‘terrorist’ freedom fighter group of tieflings
-angry liberal
-tells the players what is REALLY going on here, since most of the other tieflings sort of resigned to their lifestyle and submit to Donaldo’s regime.
-if they inquire the passphrase for the Tief Chiefs is ‘have you seen my left shoe?’
-gives them a quest to go into the crypt to find a relic from their past that has religious significance to them, The Ageless Stone, which once was used in ancient rituals to grant favor and fortune to their newborns. He believes that it works and will be able to turn their peoples luck around.

Simona, a mother of 5 who is just trying to survive and feed her kids which she isnt supposed to have (tieflings have a birth cap of 1 per family) so she tries to sucker other people into giving her their rations.


-mentally handicapped
-makes only 2 outfits: one for men one for women
-oblivious to the situation
-happy and kind, but dumb as a log
-will offer to make them outfits (the same ones everyone else is wearing but fitted for them. He is actually pretty good at tailoring.)

Blacksmith(makes mostly tools for the tieflings to use while working)
NPC: Sa’gra
-also member of the Tief Chiefs
-secretly does make weapons and armor, in a secret underground room , which the Tief Chiefs use
-grumpy cynic
-only shows them secret room if they already talked to Garok and know the secret pass phrase (Have you seen my left shoe?)
-if they get to secret room he will offer to make them all a special dagger that all the Tief Chiefs use but it will take a few days

Graveyard (rows of tieflings who mostly died during construction of Donaldo Castle, small boring headstones)


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