The Reign of Donaldo


The last couple days have been… strange to say the least. We traveled to the outlaw city of Desoli, in order to search for a team of black-ops fighters contracted by Donaldo to carry out his evil deeds. In this city, we found a truly wretched hive of scum and villainy. Naturally, we fit right in, both figuratively and literally (I’ll get to that later.)

Anyways, night began with a trip to an underground fighting ring, where Merric naturally began betting on combatants. Eager to prove our strength the any onlookers of the red-cloaked variety, Rhogar agreed to step into the ring. Matched against a rather imposing pirate, Rhogar (aided by a spell from Barth ) knocked out the old bastard with two swings of his mighty fist. This earned us enough credibility for a conversation with the Red-Cloaks in the club, and we learned that the group was stationed far out in the desert to the north of the city.

Due to the scarcity of any other details, we found it prudent to visit the local… lady place… to see if they had any additional information. As a gnome who possesses certain physical talents, I managed to gain access to the head mistress, who revealed some more information in return for… several favors of the physical variety. Anyways, she informed us that the hideout was between two large sand dunes.

We didn’t explore the city for much longer, as we were eager to pursue these mysterious renegades. We did take a look at the local shops, where Bor exposed one merchant as a fraud, who was selling armor that crumbled when struck with any real force. After that, we felt that it was prudent to remove ourselves from the city, and continue our search.

Now, into the desert.


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