The Reign of Donaldo


We did it! Through a combination of heroic endeavors, we not only killed Frostclaw but also bested the demonic entity guarding the tomb of the Ark. Shout out to Kikkoman for saving our collective asses with a clutch thunderwave. Together, the six of us make quite a team! We also recovered two hearts, one flaming and one frozen. Merric has been carrying the flaming one with Mage Hand, which I am careful to avoid. Evidently these hearts are the focal point of some ancient lore in Kelvoria, and have magical properties.

Anyways, Kikkoman found a single hair in the tomb, which was otherwise empty. Someone had already been here, and escaped with the contents. After removing our own individual trophies from Frostclaw’s body, we claimed our prize from the boy king of Kelvoria. The runt of a man who we saved from the cave was also there, claiming the prize listed in his contract. Needless to say, we saw fit to relieve him of this undeserved reward.

With our primary mission accomplished, we set back to Hoolian City. After a night of drunken shenanigans, we did finally meet with Donaldo. Naturally, he was reluctant to give us our earned reward. He did give us half of the sum that he promised, claiming that he would give the other half upon receiving the next shipment of fish. He’s a slimy man, and I don’t like him at all.

Now, time to go gear up for our next adventure, whatever we decide that might be.


kentseidel MyNameIsLuke

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