The Reign of Donaldo


Due to the fog of war, my memory of this series of events is hazy… but I’ll do my best. North, we ventured into the desert. Armed with knowledge of the terrain that I gained from a local business-woman, we quickly came across a cave in the desert. This cave belonged to several red-cloaks, with whom we exchanged steel and blood.

Further into the sands, we encountered a sand-storm the likes of which even Bor had not seen. We attempted to trek through the whipping winds, but were swept away into the eye of the storm and flung into the sky. Lucky to find some soft dunes to cushion our fall, we landed near a strangely tranquil lake. At the foot of the lake was an enormous bird, guarding what looked to be an egg. Naturally, we woke the bird from her slumber, and escaped by rolling her precious egg down a sand dune.

Finally, we arrived at the rocky fortress of the red-cloaks. Soon enough, we found ourselves in yet another gladiator-type scenario, with Rhogar squaring off against the most menacing ogre in the land. With the aid of some spells from Merric and Barth, Rhogar managed to best the foul beast, and gain parlay with the leader of this band of mercenaries.

We spoke with the head red-robe in his private quarters, flanked by vials of blood stacked high in shelves the reached ceiling-tall. Words quickly devolved into action, as we found him to be in-league with the blood enemies of our past encounters. We managed to defeat this foul creature and his pet ogre, and Kikoman even absconded with a vial of Dana White’s blood. Score.


kentseidel MyNameIsLuke

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